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Theodore Arabatzis, University of Athens 
Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent, Université Paris X 
Jed Buchwald, California Institute of Technology 
Alan Chalmers, Flinders University 
Hasok Chang, University of Cambridge 
Moti Feingold, California Institute of Technology 
Steven French, University of Leeds 
Don Howard, University of Notre Dame 
Manfred Laubichler, Arizona State University 
Alan Love, University of Minnesota 
Jane Maienschein, Arizona State University 
Michela Massimi, University College, London 
Bill Newman, Indiana University 
John Norton, University of Pittsburgh 
Robert Rynasiewicz, Johns Hopkins University 
Jutta Schickore, Indiana University 
Alan Shapiro, University of Minnesota 
Friedrich Steinle, Technische Universitaet Berlin